"When I design I think
of fashion as a sudden human gesture that changes everything inside and around"


Clothing that tells a story


Rocio’s visual arts practice led her to produce her first handmade garments in 2013, using them to go to work, she felt “several feet above ground, with the excitement of a bullfighter entering the ring” With these first garments, she understood how clothes could help create and reinforce her image as an independent woman and artist. She had a very clear idea for how these clothes should be made, look and feel like but soon realized her vision was something she would have to produce herself.

Rocio views the body in sculptural terms, aware that each is singular in its beauty, its flaws and its strengths. For Rocio, the less standardized, the better ­– a made to measure garment from her involves a dialogue that becomes a shared experience, forging a connection between the wearer, the clothes and the dressmaker. She approaches each fitting as she would a portrait, an artist’s eye combined with bespoke tailoring skills that make each piece unique.  Her designs honor the wearer and the piece from the inside out, she believes that in dressing well, one learns to live well, clothing has the ability to show the highest version of self one can achieve, the shape and size of a body having little bearing on the style and impact of beautifully crafted clothing worn with confidence –  this is clothing that tells a story, let it tell yours.


"I dress memorable individuals
who create memorable situations around themselves."


An ethical practice


Rocio is devoted to an ethical, eco-friendly approach to fabrics, cutting only when necessary, avoiding the creation of waste, prioritising natural fibres and dyes that are good for the environment as well as for the skin.

"I could not wear a piece of clothing made in a far away country knowing the line of abuse from the moment that garment was conceived until it reached me. Manufactured clothes, even independent designer clothes, made for standardized sizes give me the chills. So many clothes are produced, bought and discarded these days. As more people buy fashion on a more regular basis, clothes seem to be less and less important. Are we less and less important?”